If one has ever visited a middle school (grades 6-8) it is painfully apparent that humans in their post-puberty, pre-maturity stages are the closest example of chaotic evil found in nature. Generally, these beasts seem to have a tribal system, yet they seek to specifically destroy each other for no apparent reason. One may find themselves the target of their peers’ taunts and affronts, however transposing these insults on another within a period of mere minutes. On the other hand, each of these beings seeks to impress each other with their irrational cruelty, thus attaining a higher social station in the hierarchy of the tribe. A truly perplexing occurrence, as most who pass through this stage engage in the bedlam, yet very few understand it at a later date. The mindset of this group is a mystery is one that will plague human kind for the ages.

Note: This entire writeup is a huge stereotype. Don't take it the wrong way, I'm sure that not everyone is like that, in fact I know that not everyone in each "Tribe" is that way; and indeed its not possible to divide adolescent's personalities into nine "Tribes". This simply all in good fun.

I can personally attest to being through this torture, though it doesn't end in grade 8, and it is a bit different from how rad describes it. Yes, there is the hierarchy system and the tribes, but not all are chaotic evil... albeit the ones that are cause alot of pain. Imagine a game of survivor, there's High School for you, except in this one the losers' social lives are crushed and the winners are the ones who get pissed and laid every night.

Intra-tribe conflict is the most common, but warring tribes are a common sight also. There are always groups of tribes based on their personality (dah) which can easily be divided into:

  • The "Cool" Tribe - These guys are the creme de le creme, noone has more social influence than these guys. They dictate what the latest fashion is, who and what is cool, and have the power to ex-communicate hapless victims from any social gathering.

  • The "Teacher's Pet" Tribe - These guys are the people who sit up the front of the classroom, trying to please the teacher best they can, and are often found in the library studting. Often religious.

  • The "Stoner" Tribe - They're drifters and generally distance themselves from others. Sometimes they break apart from a "Stoner" Tribe and intermingle into another one - if they manage to stay sober for long enough to do so.

  • The "Skatie" Tribe my previous Tribe - They Skate, and they're heavily into punk, need I say more?

  • The "Rapper" Tribe - Quite often into drugs and gangsta, but they don't have to be. Just need to be into rap.

  • The "Sportie" Tribe - They love sport, and they hate anyone who's not popular, and especially not a jock.

  • The "Everyone" Tribe my current Tribe - This is the Tribe that everyone assosciated with, and all were welcome. It was like a meeting point for all the other Tribes. There were always a small, set amount of people who made up the "Everyone" Tribe and were always there, and then the rest of the Tribe were visiting dignitaries. The "Everyone" Tribe was popular and allowed everywhere, but not to the extent of the "Cool" Tribe. They often acted as intermediaries between Tribes, but sometimes a member was ex-communicated if they angered the "Cool" Tribe.

  • The "Drifter" Tribe - Drifters and loners, basiacally. They were never part of the bigger Tribes, and they never want to be. They are happy in their small Tribe, or being solitary. They are quite often highly intelligent and highly queer.

  • The "Outcast" Tribe - All members of this Tribe were once part of another Tribe, but have found themselves at the mercy of the "Cool" Tribe through one misdeed or another, and now find themselves ex-communicated.
You'll find the following clashes:

  • The "Cool" Tribe vs. the "Teacher's Pet" Tribe - These two tribes are the polar opposites, and although the "Teacher's Pets" don't participate in the war, the "Cools" do their best to make their lives hell.

  • The "Cool" Tribe vs. the "Outcast" Tribe - The "Outcasts" are the people who have been ex-communicated by the "Cools", and the "Cools" don't feel its enough to simply ex-communicate them, they have to follow through and crush their social lives utterly.

  • The "Skatie" Tribe vs. the "Rapper" Tribe - These two just don't like each other. It usually comes down to the clash in music.

  • The "Sportie" Tribe vs. the "Skatie" Tribe - The "Sporties" kind of take offence that skateboarding is actually considered a sport, and so they really don't like the "Skaties".

  • The "Stoner" Tribe vs. the "Drifter" Tribe - Like the "Stoners", they're distant drifters who generally don't understand the other tribes, and the "Stoners" tend to not like being so similar to the "Neutrals".

The tribes roughly have the following alignments:

Intra-tribe conflict is usually sparked by a disagreement between two members of a tribe. If one of these unfortunate tribal members are weaker in social stature, or in the hierarchy system, then all the other tribe members shall turn upon that member until the member is expelled from the tribe (this is far rarer in good tribes). If, on the other hand, the two members are of equal social stature then it will often result in the fission of the tribe splitting apart to form two new tribes, often of opposite stature (e.g. if the tribe was true neutral the two new tribes might be lawful neutral and chaotic neutral). For those unfortuneate to be under the unbridled force of an angry tribe their only hope is to deflect the rampage onto another poor unsuspecting tribes member.

That's about it. This is probably the stupidest node I have ever made, but the use of tribes and D&D alignments can best described the imbecilic nature of us Highschoolers. It all suddenly ends around grade 12... usually.

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