Acorn Buttress is the central butress on the cliff on the right side of Glendalough vally, beneath Camaderry mountain in the Wicklow hills in Ireland.

The vally was formed through glaciation and has the typical steep sides. The rock is granite and of high quality for climbing.

The central butress is so named because it looks like an acorn from a distance. The walk in involves meandering through a boulder field, a path has been marked by red dots on some of the boulders but the treck in can take anything up to half an hour.

Climbing has been going on there since the 1940's with many classic routes, nightmare ledge, scimitar crack, sarcophogus to name a few.

On sunday the 24th of this month a young climber tragically slipped from the top of acorn buttress and fell to his death. He had completed his climb and was changing shoes when he lost his balance. The mountain rescue team called it a freak accident.

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