Dun Laoghaire (pronounced Dun Leery), is a very cool coastal town just south of Dublin, Ireland....also in Co. Dublin. Quite a few Dubliners like to escape there on the weekends just to get away from bustlin' Ole Dublin Town on the weekends. ( Are these people crazy?? Me thinks so...) There are some small suburban communities surrounding Dublin where you can still see the thatched roof houses and dimly lit pubs we non-native Irish would all love to believe are what might make up the entire country. And of course the hot red-headed lasses.

When visiting here, go to Dunphy's, I guarantee you won't be dissappointed. In the spring, go about two miles down the coast where there is lovely scuba diving to be had around the islands. Yes, diving in Ireland. The water is every blue, turquise, green, and purple you can imagine, and you just might see seals.

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