An ABCD is an American Born Confused Desi

I know much about this title as I myself am an Indian born in the U.S.. This status does not have to belong to someone born in the U.S. but as a whole can be given to any Indian living in the U.S. who is culturally confused.

This cultural confusion is almost always between his/her Indian background and that particular sort of American culture.

This Indian background's source is usually parents, siblings, relatives, trips back to India, and contact with Indian friends who have maintained their cultural ancestry.

Unfortunately, this American influence surrounds every ABCD, and can ultimately prove the winner. Examples of this influence include American friends, coconut friends, school, work, TV, the list goes on and on...

Still, many people labelled as ABCDs manage to find a nice balance between each culture by finding commonalities and bringing to ver different worlds together to make them stronger people.

ABCDs are usually not able to speak Hindi fluently, but there are always exceptions.
It is up to each ABCD to decide on how much of the Indian culture they embrace.

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