Another reason to cry is that we glow in the dark.
Balancing perfection with imperfection isn't sane
Counting sheep will make it light but is it possible to wane?
During your time while it synthesizes with mine,
Entirely a new entity which is flowing on its own,
(Favoring my unconscious over yours)
Giving, stubbornly, no other consideration, perhaps even for your rational mind,
Destiny is then confused with air, water even, maybe wood. Not entirely combined.
However we think of ourselves for now, will change, will vary.
Intentional or not.
Joking isn't really what you would say it was.
Keeping distance is necessary when needing a clean conscious, they say.
Listening doesn't usually make my heartache like it does today.
Manipulation is always happening, its a bendable sky.
Never could we grow, swim or fly.
Okay world, where do we go to fuse, expand, collide...
Patience will pay off, maybe a portal too. Planet Venus, Saturn, & Pluto might do.
Quite a promenade, dimensions warps and galaxies, all different patterns,
Rendering us tired, inborn, so let us go to bed.
So happy to have met you & so happy that I know you, is what he said.
Tonight, were glowing, like a siren, hurry, quick, red or blue?
Undoubtedly, a moral code isn't glue.
Vertical lines on your forehead, you'll see when they fade.
Warming rising sun, will make us together our own star, no longer in a constant shade.
Xenophobia won't exist, not after tomorrow.
Years, endless time with harmony.
Zen, freedom, being, it's love. Absolute bliss.

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