If you don't know what ABC gum is then you maybe learned English as an adult or never spent much time around children or grew up in Singapore or are a robot or someone just like you drank the clonaid. Or maybe kids just weren't this gross when you were young.

Whichever the case, have no shame and know that ABC gum is gum that has already been chewed. If you are intimate with the original gum-chewer and the gum is still moist and you happen to enjoy flavorless mouth exercise, then this is the treat for you! More likely you have scraped some ABC gum off the tread of your sneakers or avoided a water fountain out of disgust or grazed your hand underneath your seat in the movie theater and found something malleable stuck underneath—if so, go wash your hands.

A 1995 episode of Seinfield entitled The Gum may or may not involve this.

I am curious as to which, if any, non-English speaking countries share this concept. DonJaime has informed me that This English native speaker has never heard of ABC gum. And other, seemingly American, noders have also expressed a lack of knowledge of this.

ABC gum is however, known in the ASL community.


I do not advise you try ABC gum. You may get cooties.

As for me, I avoid gum in general and do hereby pledge from here on out to avoid ethnocentrism in all future noding endeavors. No offense was meant by any of this.

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