"A World of His Own" is the 36th episode of The Twilight Zone, and the final episode of the first season. It was written by Richard Matheson, and starred Keenan Wynn and Phyllis Kirk. It also includes a more than normal role for show creator Rod Serling.

Gregory West (Wynn) is a successful playwright, and is enjoying a martini in his study with a nice young woman until the point when he hears his wife (Kirk) knocking on the front door. She has been spying on the proceedings, and she demands to know what is going on, especially when the mistress is nowhere to be found. Her husband starts to explain: as a successful playwright, he has sometimes found his characters coming to life...literally. His wife finds it somewhat hard to believe, but he manages to convince her. And, of course, there is a twist or two along the way.

This is a relatively subdued production, using only four actors in a one room set. There is little action, with most of the story being carried by dialog, which is witty, fast-paced and very racy by the standards of 1960.

This episode covers some ground we saw earlier in "A World of Difference", where the difference between art and reality was blurred. However, this story is (on the surface) much more light-hearted. The usually "objective" Wikipedia even says it was "the series' first episode that was essentially comedic in tone." which seems unusual that upon hazarding to give a subjective opinion, Wikipedia makes one that seems so false: this episode is probably less comedic than "Mr. Bevis" or "The Chaser". And in fact, it doesn't take a modern sensibility to see that there may have been some black humor underneath this story's comedic veneer: a story of a man who can create subservient women out of nothing certainly has its unsettling elements.

And with this story, we conclude Season 1 of the Twilight Zone and move on to Season 2, where there will be more unsettling elements, more comedy, and more unsettling comedy.

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