The Hessian swordsman rolled the dice he carved from the finger bones of American Revolutionaries. His deep Germanic scowl was directed squarely at the young Polynesian girl in the silver pressure suit who sat across the table from him, drinking a Hi C. Her halfling had defied the deadliest efforts of the dungeon master's orcs, and now fled the crypt hauling a sack of rubies that would fill the glove box of a Pontiac GTO. Snake-eyes. The berzerker fell on his sword, leaving the impish explorer free to stroll from the greystone tomb. The tan skin girl smiled widely.

All the philosophers here are mutants. I did that. The allure of higher reasoning is dulled when you can't look foppish and strum a guitar. The grave import of an opinon-smith's words are clearly measured by his crawling flesh and lashing tongues. Dabblers are shunned as lepers. The real Socratics become a new flesh, both transcendent and devolved. The duality is somehow appealing to them.

Injecting the tiny slivers of the past was easy, once we found the key to the cabinet of Time. It's a cut and paste job right now, a historic clip art party. All the fuzzy nothing space between the electrons has been pinched out, concentrated like fine Venusian orange juice. The science behind it begs for metaphors, largely because you haven't grown up with it. Could you explain the Internet to a caveman while he ogled your smooth forehead? Not likely. I'll paint it in large strokes for you.

We found that linear time isn't a line at all. Imagine a spider web, wrapped around a sphere. Now, imagine a necklace of these spheres. All times touch upon others, and we walk between them freely, unseen, and take a type of image, if you will. A perfect image, like a map of the land that is as big as the land itself. The scalar nature of reality is a fundamental truth you'll learn someday. Think infinite zoom.

It's not important. Our motivations are wildly different from anything you could begin to understand. Just know that this is real, in a way, and that you exist here and in the past, and that you live in two places.

Welcome to the New Reality. I am your God.

for kthejoker, the caveman
He sees green when looking at red
He tastes beer when drinking wine
He thinks he's fishing when he reads a book
He thinks dying is moving to another country
He thinks he's visiting dead friends when he feeds the birds
He is getting ready to move to Florida next week

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