Duality is also the title of a short film by Crew of Two productions. It is a 'fanfilm' set in the Star Wars universe, in the tradition of Troops, and tells a quick story about the final testing of a Sith apprentice. It is noteworthy for its incredible effects, as everything in the film save the actors (and not always then) is done with CGI using Macintosh computers. It is also impressive given that neither member of Crew of Two is a filmmaker by trade or training!

If you like Star Wars and have Quicktime installed on your computer, and don't mind a 40-80MB download (depending on quality) then I urge you to visit http://theforce.net and download Duality right now. It's très cool.

Du"al"i*ty (?), n. [L. dualitas: cf. F. dualit'e.]

The quality or condition of being two or twofold; dual character or usage.


© Webster 1913.

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