Basically, you take a partner into a closet, bathroom, bedroom, etc. and for 7 minutes do whatever you want. Somebody stands on the outside and times you, but not always. Has a variety of synonyms.

Usually this is when spin the bottle goes further, and you'd go as far as you want. (Home run, nudge nudge, know what I mean say no more?) Hence the "heaven"

It's a little hard to get a home run in 7 minutes, I've been told it doesn't get past third base usually. Well, there is also 15 minutes in heaven.

MTV did a joke on this in a commercial where Jimmy Fallon asked Kirsten Dunst to play "7 minutes in heaven" with him. She said no, but waited outside as he went in the closet alone, rattled about, and made funny noises while she timed him.

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