Dutch: "Tjilp-Tjilp" (Courtesy of SharQ.)

English: "tweet," "chirp-chirp."

Finnish: "Tsirp tsirp," "tiu tiu" (and several more, depending on the species. Courtesy of Jope.)

French: "cui-cui"

German: "piep", "tschilp", "zwitscher" and similar cutesy things, depending on species (cuckoos, for example, say "Kuckuck"...)" (Courtesy of gwenllian.)

Greek: "tsiou" (Courtesy of donnaidh_sidhe.)

Hebrew: tsif-tsif (Courtesy of undone.)

Japanese: "pi-pi"

Norwegian: "pip pip", "kvitre" (Courtesy of Sverre)

Portuguese: "piu-piu" (Courtesy of e-anorexia).)

Spanish: "pio pio" (Courtesy of koala)

Swedish: "pip pip" (Courtesy of rollo)

please /msg p_i with further contributions to this (or other aspects to noises animals make in different languages), assuredly the best use yet found for the global forum that is the Internet.

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