One of the best episodes of The Simpsons.  The title is adapted from 32 Short Films About Glenn Gould.

1) Bart and Milhouse Throw Stuff At Cars
2) Apu in "The Jolly Bengali"
3) Gum in Lisa's Hair
4) Bee in Mr. Smithers' eye
5) Dr. Nick Almost Loses His Medical License/Dr. Nick Cures Abe Simpson
6) Moe calculates Barney's Tab/Moe Gets Robbed
7) Skinner and the Superintendent
8) Homer Gets Maggie Stuck in a Newspaper Vending Machine
9) The Police Force Discuss McDonald's
10) Pedro the Bumblebee Man Gets Hurt At Home
11) Chief Wiggum Runs Into Snake
12) Reverend Lovejoy's Dog Does His Business on Ned's Lawn
13) Gum in Lisa's Hair (again)
14) Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel Finds Some Shoes
15) Milhouse and his Dad discover Wiggum and Snake
16) Gum in Lisa's Hair (again again)
17) Nelson Makes Fun of an Extremely Tall Man
18) Bart and Milhouse Throw Stuff At Cars (again)
19) The Tomfoolery of Professor John Frink

If you count #5 as two seperate scenes (even though there's no explicit transition), you're up to 20.  Apparently two scenes were cut ("Marge the Hostage" and "Ralphplane"), and counting those you're up to 22.

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