What started as a local rebellion in Sicily spread to most European nations - notably France, Germany, and the Austrian Empire. (Surfaced as peaceful reforms in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark.) Failed in all places except for France, where the Second Republic was established. However, the argument between the bourgeoisie and the socialists over whether the new France should take the form of a Social Democracy tore Paris again by strife during the June Days Insurrection.


Some More Important Events:

  • The founding of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood in England.
  • The Communist Manifesto is published.
  • Revolution: not only in France, Hungary, Prussia, The Rhine, Austria, Italy, and what are now the Czech Republic and Romania, but also (often forgotten) the Brigitte Anton Revolution in Ireland and the Young Ireland movement's adoption of the tricolor flag, as a response to the Potato Famine.
  • Lady Charlotte Guest was in the process of publishing The Mabinogion in seven volumes.
  • Anne Bronte publishes The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.
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