"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."
- Isaac Newton to Robert Hooke, 1676
Born in 1676: Died in 1676: Events of 1676:
  • Sir George Etherege's play The Man of Mode appears.
  • Thomas Shadwell's play The Virtuoso appears. A satire of science, its main character Gimcrack will become a word for
  • William Wyncherly]'s play The Plain Dealer appears.
  • Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz visits Sir Isaac Newton in London.  Newton proponents claim he developed a sudden interest in 'fluxions' about this time.
  • Construction begins on buildings designed by Christopher Wren for the recently-established Royal Greenwich Observatory.
  • Louis XIV:
  • Jan Sobieski, elected by Polish nobles in 1674, is crowned King of Poland.  An Orttoman army of 200,000 invades the Ukraine (a Polish possession at the time), but Sobieski defeats them at Zorawno, following up on 1675's victory at Lvov. Poland is given two-thirds of the Ukraine at the peace treaty that follows.  The treaty also allows Turkey to wage war against (Orthodox) Russia.
  • The uprising of Wampanoag and Narraganset led by Wampanoag King Philip (the son of Massasoit) comes to its awful conclusion.  Several Massachuetts settlements are raided and leveled, but Massachusetts militia break the rebel army in a battle at Hadley.  King Philip flees into a swamp, where he is hunted down and killed by Benjamin Church. Massasoit's kindness to the Pilgrims is repaid by his grandson being sold into slavery.  The Massachusetts legislature then decrees a day of Thanksgiving for the victory.
  • In Virginia, a political struggle over how to best steal land from the Indians develops into Bacon's Rebellion.
    • The previous year, a cycle of colonists' theft and Indian raids has colonists in a froth.  Their anger causes them to make retaliatory attacks on the wrong Indians, and call peace meetings they later turn into bloodbaths.
    • Governor Sir William Berkeley is having no success trying to calm things down.  In particular, his nephew Nathaniel Bacon has imprisoned Appomattox Indians on trumped-up charges.
    • (March) Berkeley calls a Long Assembly which declares war on all "bad" Indians, turning Virginia into an armed camp.
    • Taxes are raised to pay for all of the fortifications, turning popular opinion against the government.
    • Bacon's faction begins raiding Indian villages against Berkeley's orders.  Berkeley leads a force to Henrico to arrest Bacon but he flees.
    • Bacon tries to get a pardon for his nephew if he will turn himself in, but the House of Burgesses will have none of it.
    • Eventually, Berkeley has to flee to the Eastern Shore, and Bacon declares the Virginia government illegitimate, and sets up a military regime, declaring himself 'Generall by Consent of the People'.  In the process of fortifying Jamestown, he burns it to the ground.
    • (October) Bacon dies of conditions caused by poor personal hygiene.
    • Berkeley comes back, regains control, and hangs all of the rebel leaders.
  • The Scanian War:

1675 - 1676 - 1677

How They Were Made - 17th Century

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