0\VN (?), v. t. [OE. unnen to grant, permit, be pleased with, AS. unnan to grant; akin to OS. giunnan, G. gonnen, Icel. unna; of uncertain origin. This word has been confused with own to possess.]

To take control over; to dominate; to defeat. Colloquial term, and (with rare exceptions) is generally only seen used for ironic purposes, or (more commonly) by the somewhat pathetic.

D00D J00 |-|4D 83773R N07 83 74L|<1N6 5|V|4CK 70 M3!!!! J00 4R3 N0 M47CH 4 |V|Y 31337 H4X0R1N6 5K1LLZ!!! 1 \V1LL 0\VN J00!! PH33R M3 H4H4H4H44H4!!!! C00ld00d56.

© Webster 1913.

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