Incidentally, Nu means now in Swedish. When it was revealed that .nu would be the top level domain for Niue (an island in the pacific ocean with less than 2000 inhabitants), A LOT of domain names for .nu were registered the first weeks. It turned out that roughly 90% of those were registered by people from Sweden. Right now an even higher percentage of the domain names are registered by Swedes.

.nu is about as common as .se for Swedish domain names now, since there are some REALLY strict rules for registering .se domains. Plus, .nu-domains are cheaper than .se-domains.

This has actually generated a pretty hefty income for a small island such as Niue. Who would've thought? :)

This top-level domain for Niue has also generated a lot of interest among francophones, since "nu" means "naked" in French. As a result, many of the early domain names registered in .nu were for porn sites that catered to French-speaking audiences. Furthermore, a .fr domain tends to be quite expensive; it was around 2500 FF (around US$400) the last time I checked.

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