At first, was giving out free .cx domains and it was good. Then they waited until many people had settled with their domains and proceeded to impose a fee, even for the people who had registered theirs for free. The fee is still far less than what Network Solutions charges for a .com, .net, or .org, but it was still a pretty cheap trick to play on unsuspecting people.

The country code top level domain (ccTLD) .CX is assigned to the country of Christmas Island. The TLD is theoretically restricted for use by requiring a local connection, but in actual use it is used by anyone who pays the fees. Domains may use the ccTLD directly or use one of the secondary-level sub-domains for Christmas Island.

The configured second-level domains include:

The .CX ccTLD has been activated by the Christmas Island authorities at the Christmas Island Domain Administration Limited, the sponsor and the registrar since taking over from Planet Three Limited, who originally set up the ccTLD in 1997. The Internet and the ccTLD is very popular both inside and outside the country.

Probably the most famous .CX domain was the website which showed a rude and repulsive image that was used to rickroll folks over on Slashdot for years. The Christmas Islanders finally had enough and insisted the domain be removed.

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