This method is very hard to do. Many say that catching fish with your bare hands can be done if executed correctly.

The first step to catching a fish with your bare hands is to sneak up to a pool of water, preferably in a creek. Any sudden movements can scare the fish away. You will want to find a rock to lay on which allows you enough height to dip your arm into the creek.

Wait until a fish is in your reach

Slowly place your hand under the fish, and tickle the fish's belly. Apparenlty, the fish becomes drowsy. The tickling is supposed to mimic reeds brushing up against the fish.

Finally, if the fish is still in your grasp, grab the fish out of the water and throw it behind you (hopefully on solid ground).

I have actually seen this work. I was in the mountains of southern California near Mount Whitney. The stream was full of grass and weeds. The trick was to slowly move you hands through the grass and weeds. When you felt something that wasn't weeds or grass immediately attempt to throw it out on the bank. I was unsuccessful at this however the authentic cowboy who was teaching us performed it many times. No fish tickling was involved.

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