@work is the business side of the @home internet broadband cable system. It's not available in all areas, but basically it's a bigger pipe with the additional benefit of allowing http/ftp/mail servers. The lowest business model is a portmap to forward whatever server you're running. If you double the price, you can get a static IP address.

I've just signed up to upgrade my @home to an @work line. I'm already paying several assorted companies to host the 5 (soon to be 8, thanks to Simonc) domains I own. After everything is up and running, I'll have complete control over a server sitting on my desk. I don't have the traffic issues that /. or E2 has, so it'll be just perfect. I'll actually be saving money because I won't have to continue paying hosting companies.

For some more info on their services, visit www.work.home.net

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