"Not in time, dial *69"
The following is from Verizon's list of services for your home:

You're at your front door, fumbling for your keys when you hear the phone ringing. You rush inside but by the time you reach the phone it has stopped ringing. Use *69 to get that call back.

  • *69 gives you the number, date and time of your last incoming call and the option to dial that party back.
  • *69 can also be helpful if you have Call Waiting and hear a second call but don't want to interrupt your conversation to see who it is. *69 can give you the number of the second caller after you end your first call.
  • In some areas *69 will return the call rather than giving you the option to dial the party back.

How to use *69
Simply dial *69 from any telephone in your home to find out the number, date, and time of the last incoming call.

Note: *69 kicks ass for tracing prank calls!
Note: *69 is not the same as 69

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