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Advice, musings, opinions ... anything relevant to what writers do, ought to do, or oughtn't do, etc.

Oh, this is a selected list, not a comprehensive index. I think the kids call it 'curation' or something.

1 On Writing (thing) iceowl writeup
2 How to write poetry (thing) Demeter writeup
3 Writing and publishing   e2node
4 flash fiction (thing) Lucy-S writeup
5 How to write lyrics (thing) Demeter writeup
6 The Horror Of It All (idea) Braunbeck writeup
7 How to build a character in fiction   e2node
8 Bleeding on paper (thing) Demeter writeup
9 Why aspiring novelists should write short stories (idea) Lucy-S writeup
10 Urban Fantasy World Building (how-to) Lucy-S writeup
11 First reader (thing) Lucy-S writeup
12 setting (how-to) Lucy-S writeup
13 plot (idea) Lucy-S writeup
14 Dialogue (idea) Devon writeup
15 The Most Difficult Part of the Story: Beginning, Middle or End? (how-to) Lucy-S writeup
16 tips for writing good fiction (idea) ZoeB writeup
17 The seven basic conflicts (idea) kthejoker writeup
18 good writing style (thing) Singing Raven writeup
19 Comma Splices and Run-on Sentences (thing) Rancid_Pickle writeup
20 Revising Prose (thing) isogolem writeup
21 Style, grammar, and context   e2node
22 master plots (thing) Tato writeup
23 Propp's theory of narrative (idea) d00gl writeup
24 Dialogue and Narrative Structure on Television: An Examination of Babylon 5 (idea) liminal writeup
25 How to Write Bad Poetry (idea) K622 writeup
26 blank verse (idea) Castalia writeup
27 free verse (thing) jmc writeup
28 The difference between poetry and prose   e2node
29 I don't rewrite my poetry (idea) Jurph writeup
30 Problems with E2 user poetry   e2node
31 Writing an academic paper which presents an argument (how-to) Demeter writeup
32 Five paragraph essay   e2node
33 How to write an "A" paper with minimal effort (idea) sockpuppet writeup
34 metrical feet   e2node
35 Would that I were a Poet (personal) wertperch writeup
36 Pantoum (poetry) etgar writeup
37 Forms of poetry (thing) danlowlite writeup
38 freeform (poetry) andycyca writeup
39 The difference between drama and melodrama (idea) frost writeup
40 i carry your heart with me(i carry it in (review) Bitriot writeup
41 Eternal now   e2node
42 Fridge Logic   e2node
43 Baccresiezé   e2node
44 poems for two voices   e2node
45 Capitalization in poetry (idea) Darksied writeup
46 The Things They Carried (thing) thyme writeup
47 The History of Science Fiction   e2node
48 poetry   e2node
49 Creativity is absolutely dependent on boundaries   e2node
50 Writing What You Know (And Knowing What You Write)   e2node

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