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High School, soon college
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I was born.

Now here I am.

I always hated writing assignments on the first day of school because they ALWAYS asked to write something about my life, my interests, etc. I hate the vast majority of college essays for the same reason. So here I am, writing what is essentially a first-day-of-school assignment. Except here, I can't get a bad grade--or even down-votes! So....

I am good at school, and I always have been, but I'm waiting for college to see if I can continue to have bragging rights. Unfortunately, being a good student often means sacrificing social life to the Gods of Education, and this I have done, along with various evil +5 weapons. I also do a bunch of extracurricular activities, blah blah blah not a college essay.

Ok, what else? Not too much. I play clarinet, love the Beatles, prefer Chinese food to pizza, and would really rather watch Star Trek: The Next Generation than do my English paper or my Calculus homework.