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I am a mathematician, comedian, and human being, in that order. My gender identity is somewhat non-standard, which really peeves the mathematician in me.

I used to have difficulty with pointers in C++ - now I don't. More than that, I don't really understand what problem I was having - I know intellectually that they're conceptually hard, but the concept is now so ingrained that I would find it hard to explain to someone with the same confusion where lay eir problem. It would be far simpler to explain the concept in its entirety again.

Ach, I have no energy to node, or keep proper track of things on here. If I write something good or I feel a burst of energy, I will contribute. This will stem from either negative energy that needs to be exorcised, or a bad hangover on a work day that I can't bear to be entirely unproductive.

In short, I only write, draw, sew, act or sing when I need to get rid of some stress.