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Hello, and thanks for dropping by my homenode. Here's some random information about me, in no particular order:

Favorite authors: Jonathan Carroll, Peter Straub, Carson McCullers, Rod Serling, Kate Wilhelm, Harlan Ellison, Russell Banks, William Peter Blatty, Robin McKinley, William Kotzwinkle, William Goldman, James Dickey, Ed Gorman

Favorite films: Seconds (John Frankenheimer), Sorcerer (William Friedkin), Ikiru (Kurasowa), The Offense (Lumet), Field of Dreams (Robinson), The Killer (John Woo), The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter (Miller), The Ninth Configuration (Blatty), The Fisher King (Terry Gilliam)

Favorite artists: Van Gogh, Alan Clark, Dali, Escher, Allen Koszowski, Gak, John Henry Fuseli, Andrew Wyeth, Norman Rockwell

Favorite quote:

"Regarding my actions in this world, I care little about the existence of a heaven or hell; self-respect does not allow me to guide my acts with an eye toward heavenly salvation or hellish punishment. I pursue the good because it is beautiful and attracts me, and shun the bad because it is ugly and repulsive. All our acts should originate from the spring of unselfish love, whether there be continuation after death or not."
-- Heinrich Hein

Favorite music: Tangerine Dream, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Stewart Copeland, Patty Larkin, Deep Purple, The Spin Doctors, Jethro Tull (can you tell I cut my musical teeth in the '70s?), The Cult, Faith and the Muse, Bloodrock/Nitzinger, Roy Buchanan, Mussorgsky, Saint-Saens, Mahler (especially the 1st Symphony), Leo Kottke, Pete Townshend, and The Who.

Real nameTM: Gary A. Braunbeck.

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