See also hellfire (on weekends)

Manhole is the sunday - wednesday name of one of the oldest public S&M/sex clubs in the Eastern US. The club is located at 28 Ninth Ave. (Triangle of 9th Ave 14th St & Hudson St in New York City (in the basement).

This space is open to men only Sunday - Wednesday nights, (Thursday - Saturday being designated hellfire / pansexual). Manhole uses exactly the same rules (the New York public sex regulation). This means that felatio, penetrative sex and rimming are not allowed, assplay with fingers or toys is allowed.

On entering by the stairs patrons pay the night's cover fee and are given a copy of the house rules. Turning right and proceeding down a wide hallway into the main part of the club one passes some bondage equipment to the right and the men's toilet to the left.

The main room has a small stage-like area immediately to the left, farther to the left is a side-room containing an older Harley Davidson motorcycle and a narrow alcove.

The Juice bar is located near the rear of the main room, past it are two doors which enter the large and wandering backroom which includes various bondage equipment, and a dozen or so tiny cubicles. I know on hellfire nights these are places to grope or have sex and be able to pull a chain across the entry that will keep the wankers at bay. Not so sure how that plays out on a manhole night.

Man"hole` (?), n.

A hole through which a man may descend or creep into a drain, sewer, steam boiler, parts of machinery, etc., for cleaning or repairing.


© Webster 1913.

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