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yeah, like I'm gonna code that for the example.

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Butterfinger McFlurry (idea) by donfreenut
OMG WTF BBQ ...more
The Incredible Hulk (person) by Jet-Poop
Existentialist Contrasts between The Fountainhead and "Jem and the Rockers" (idea) by Cletus the Foetus
"Jem is my name!" So profound, ...more

Harry Potter - It takes a village - ternary operator - Video Killed The Radio Star - Fifteen elvish ways to die - monkey - monkey - monkey - William Shatner - tabula rasa - More ...

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E2 This Week:
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The Best Of E2

This week on the best of E2, check out a beautiful poem by etouffee, the mysterious and alluring Stendhal Syndrome by Lometa, and the stirring underground classic Happy Birthday from Planet Motherfucker, plus works on Charles de Gaulle, Frankie goes to Hollywood, and a review of the cult classic Rosemary's Baby.

Everything's Most Wanted

This week, our focus is on the final frontier: outer space. Describe a celestial body, explain a strange phenomenon, or review a good space traveling sci-fi movie, and you can earn up to 50XP courtesy of the e2science usergroup!

And don't forget to check out Everything's Most Wanted for more writeup ideas with big rewards behind them ...

Letters To The Editor
This week we decided to answer some brewing questions about nuking: When do we do it? When do we not do it? Are there any written guidelines? Why did writeup X get nuked? And there's also a fun question about whiskey, courtesy of TheDeadGuy. Check it out.
Noder Beat
Who got totally wasted and started belting out showtunes at the St. Louis nodermeet - at 2 in the afternoon? Who's turning the big 4-0 next Thursday? What Australian noder is making a stateside trip in July? Noder Beat has the scoop.
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News For Noders

  • The key here is to emphasize summaries over full explanations, with links to more detailed explanations (ed logs? other documents?), so that readers can quickly get the gist of what has happened.
  • Hey, now we have polls! Check out The New poll Doc for details.
  • The Ninjagirls are having another Valentine's Day Bake-Off Fundraiser! Click here for details.
  • Anybody interested in a nodermeet in Chicago May 21-23? Someone cool's in town.