Howdy, everyone. As you all know, E2's front page has essentially remained untouched since 1999. There have been a few minor additions here and there, but the general structure has remained. Many people have complained that the site's front page is confusing, intimidating, overly busy, and not particularly aesthetic.

As a result, the administration has undertaken an effort to revamp the front page, both for the 21st century Internet, and for a newer, less internalized group of noders. Our preliminary results can be found at

Everything2.1 Front Page - Guest and Everything2.1 Front Page - Noder

One of the first things to note is that there is a different page for guests than for noders. In the future, we may eliminate nodelets entirely from the guests' front page, or at the least reduce them to only the most essential nodelets (Epicenter, New Writeups, and a revised Vitals) of navigation and assistance.

Secondly, there are a lot of new sections on the page, sections which reflect some new conceptions and ideas at the site, but have not necessarily been fully fleshed out. These sections are subject to change at any time; these front pages are as much about potential as they are about anything else.

We are seeking feedback from all users on these new pages, in terms of design, content, and language. Please send all feedback to me, kthejoker, either via /msg or to kthejoker at I would prefer it if you separated out any comments on the pages listed above from any ideas on the front pages in general.

Also, feel free to design your own front pages! Send me screenshots, links, ideas, back-of-the-napkin drawings, whatever! We will be having a contest soon to redesign the graphics of the front page. More to be announced soon. In the meantime, please take the time to look at these changes, comment on them, and get involved in this process. We want to make this an e2 that everyone can get behind. Thanks a lot, and take care.