A Canadian quiz show that focussed on current affairs, which appeared on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) from 1957 until its cancellation in 1995. The show featured a host and four celebrity panelists. The incarnation I remember had Fred Davis as host, with author and historian Pierre Berton, irascible reporter Gordon Sinclair and broadcaster Betty Kennedy as the three permanent panelists. The fourth panelist was a rotating guest spot.

The show focussed on current events. Each show brought in a "mystery guest" who was visible to the audience but not the panel. The guest was a public figure who was tied into a recent front-page news story in a direct or peripheral way. The panel would ask the guest yes-or-no questions about the story and try to determine the guest's identity and the news story. Later the guest would come forward and be interviewed about the story by the panelists.

The cerebral show was without prizes and screaming contestants, but lasted for many years, in part due to its popularity and in part because it was so cheap to make. However with the death of Gordon Sinclair the show lapsed into malaise and eventually the CBC pulled the plug.

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