This exercise was either invented by a Drill Sergeant or a Football coach. Maybe both - god, I'd hate to meet that guy.

Upon the command 'Front', assume the front leaning rest as quickly as possible and begin executing push-up repetitions.
Upon the command 'Back', lie on your back as quickly as possible and execute flutter kicks.
Upon the command 'Go!', get on your feet more quickly than possible and run in place with your arms extended in front of you, parallel to the ground.

A few notes:

  • These commands need not be given in order.
  • The dirtier and more dust-producing the surface, the better.
  • Perhaps the most loved 'smoking' tool of Drill Sergeants everywhere.
  • Frequency of commands increases as the exercise prgresses. Eventually the length of time it takes to say these one-syllable commands restricts them from being given any more quickly (just imagine that for a minute). In this case a whistle should be used to signify switching positions. In this case, the order stays (1)Front, (2)Back, (3)Go!
  • Often the three words are used as a teaser for IET soldiers. They instill fear in the fearless.

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