Something one should avoid at all costs. If you have two fronts then you will need to break your army up in order to fight. This was an important concept in both of the world wars. When the US entered WWII they brought back a two front war for Germany. This was by far the most important thing the US did in that war. The Russians did most of the actual killing, but might haved cracked if faced with the complete German force. On the other hand, if Russia had collapsed then the US would probably not been able to win as well.

daz eddy: Well, I'm not sure if Britain was much of a "front" since there wasn't much fear of a substantial ground assault. I suppose it's more correct to say the allied invasion of France created a true second front. I didn't mean to ignore Britain's extremely important participation in the war. I was just trying to give a quick example. If you were paying attention here I was trying to downplay the US's impact on WWII. ::shrug::

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