I can't remember what exactly I'm doing, but I get a call on my cell phone. It's a state trooper. He tells me that my parents were believed to have been watching Mount something-or-other when it blew up. They were on a trip to San Francisco. The reception is bad, and I can't tell if he's saying they're missing, dead, or ok. I don't know if Mount something-or-other is a volcano or a forest fire, so I ask him. He laughs at me and can't believe that I don't know. Apparently he believes that EVERYONE should know about this volcano/forest fire. I pretend that I did know and was just kidding. I hang up and still don't know the fate of my parents.

Interpretation: Obviously I'm very concerned about my parents' safety. My father has a smoldering all-encompassing anger, and while he's never harmed my mother that I know of, the fear of it is always there. His anger, or perhaps the whole situation (his anger, her passive-aggressiveness) is represented by Mount whatever in my dream. The phone call from a state police trooper is my worst nightmare...one I've had for all of my life, as this dynamic has existed between them for as long as I can remember. My father has held the threat of suicide over our head since I was a small child. I remember sleeping on the floor during one of his drunken rages, just in case he decided to shoot into the house. I'm not sure what the state trooper laughing at me because I don't recognize whether Mount whatever is a volcano or a forest fire means.

Scary stuff. Is it a glimpse of the future or just a representation of my worst nightmare?