I have a recurring dream about loose teeth or teeth falling out. I guess it's not so much a recurring dream as it is a recurring motif. The dream plods along and suddenly I notice loose teeth in my mouth, and anywhere from one to all of my teeth come out. Well, last night, I had the most disturbing dream of this genre, if you will. I was at a basketball game with some friends. It seemed to take place in a crumbly place like the old Boston Garden, except smaller. Anyway, we were trying to get beer. I got a huge Warsteiner in a large stein. And, true to form, I noticed my teeth getting loose. Not just that, but my whole lower set of teeth were coming out. I pulled out a crude, metal denture -- nothing more than a wire frame with teeth, really -- and boggled that there was nothing in my lower jaw except for one loose tooth. It was crooked and as thick as a pencil lead. I wiggled it with my finger and pulled it out. I could feel the sensation of my upper teeth on my sensitive lower jaw's bare gums. Very disturbing.

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