It was New Year's Eve and I was having some sort of gathering at my house. Somehow I found my self drinking a beer. My parents came and were disappointed to see me drinking (I'm a recovering alcoholic), but I didn't feel very guilty. Tress was there too..and drinking. We all decided to go to Tress and Al's house. I had been there before, but the way was very confusing and involved cutting through various business parking lots. I got there and realized that I was incredibly drunk. Tress was being really bad, cheating on Al in front of him, and he and I talked quite a bit. I began looking for a place to sleep. Carrie was in bed asleep, and I got into bed with him. A friend of Tress's came and had cocaine. I wanted to do some very badly, and decided that even though I was drunk and didn't know my way home very well, and I was on foot I would walk home. I knew that if I stayed I would do the cocaine. So I began walking. I was in Medford, and when I walked by the downtown park, I noticed crows in the trees. The person I was with and I commented that that must be an incredibly evil place, and we would never go there. As I walked further I noticed that I was dressed only in a very skimpy pink night-dress. My mom came to help me, and she got a piece of cardboard for me to hold in front of me, and she walked behind me.

My interpretation: Hmmm..drinking again...seems to be a very common theme in my dreams lately. I don't think it's literal, I think it's a sign to me that something is amiss. Tress and Al have served at times as an example of a very distant relationship between spouses. The problem is probably with my husband. Carrie is a man who is interesting and interested in me. I think I'm bored, and needing to be admired/wanted, etc. It seems also that unless I do something, I'll go the cocaine. The crows in medford..hmmm..I did some immoral things in Medford...I don't think I want to do immoral things. Walking in skimpy clothes..I think I need to be mom might help. or my family.