In the dream I am living in a large house, much larger than I'm used to. The only thing I remember of the house (although I dreamt of it in great detail) was that it had a large lawn and garden around it, it was surrounded by a fence, it was white, the garage was underneath it, it overlooked a lake, and it was sort of 1950 suburb modern style..with a flat roof and picture windows. Also, I parked my car on the street below, and later realized that I now could park inside the locked gate for better safety.

The thing that stays in my mind from the dream is the drowned man. In my dream I'm standing on a balcony looking over the lake across the street. I notice a coast guard helicopter flying over the area again and again. Then a small boat with a woman in the front cruises slowly back and forth, obviously searching for something in the water. The woman is leaning out of the boat, looking into the water. She holds up her hand and says "I found him" and somehow i realize that she was looking for her husband who has drowned in the lake, and his body hasn't been recovered yet. As people come to help get him out of the water, she sits back in the boat. They bring him up, and my daughter and I watch. Even though he's only been in the water for several hours, his skin is red and raw and his face is partially eaten away. I send my daughter back in the house, but I stay and watch. As the workers bring the man onto the boat, his wife is horrified by his decomposition and moves away from his body. The workers prop him up on the seat of the boat next to his wife, and parts of his body fall away as they drive off. Later I go down to the lake and realize that the water is almost completely opaque, that visibility is almost none and I wonder how she spotted his corpse. The lake is the lake I grew up by, and swam in often.