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Someone's mistake becomes my problem

The ones sorting the mail

It all started a long time ago when my mainboard died. Finally, last week, i could afford sending it to my vendor, so that it could be replaced. I thought that today would be the day when my beloved PC running FreeBSD rose from the dead. Unfortunatly this proved to be wrong. I got down to the post office an hour ago to get my package.
Woman: "Uhm, i'm sorry, but this package has been shipped to Verdal"
Me: *sighs* "Oh, that's only 10Km. So the package will be here in Levanger tomorrow then?"
Woman: "No, i'm afraid that the package will first be sent to Trondheim"
Me: *sighs even more* "Uhm.. That's 100Km away... why?"
Woman: "For sorting. If you're lucky you will have it the day after tomorrow"
Me: *sighs with an infinite sadness and heads towards the library where he would probably write a daylog*