Grep your inbox for this case-insensitive regular expression, provided to the public by an anonymous coward on Slashdot:

remove\.html|for full details|huge savings|act now| mlm[^a-z]|works!|here.s how:|here.s how [^I]|remove[0-9-]*@|order now|now revealed|chain letter|100% guaranteed|money back|like to order|easy to order| to order.*free|age.* to order|year.* to order|for detailed information|free copy|special offer|cost\?|To be removed|absolutely free|no risk involved|absolutely no risk|with no risk|entrepreneur|added bonus|extra income|don.t delay|[^e]send check|money-order|dear sir|1-[89]00|Visa|under 18[,. ]

Move every message that matches it to a folder called bulk_mail or something. This should make your daily trip to a bit faster.