Spamusement, at, is a webcomic self-described as "poorly-drawn cartoons inspired by actual spam subject lines"; this is an accurate description of the site. Spamusement is built on an excessively literal interpretation of the garbage placed in spam subject lines used to avoid spam filters, or simply misinterpreting whatever innuendo was intended by the original author of the message.

Even as chaotic as Spamusement tends to be, there are a few running gags and recurring characters. The most memorable of the characters, now taken as the mascot of the site, is Cabinet Sanchez, a filing cabinet with mustache, sombrero, and ammo belt, spawned of the subject line "you were wrong cabinet sanchez", and originally featured on July 23, 2004. Despite being the mascot of the site, Cabinet Sanchez has only appeared twice: in his debut and in the "happy new year" image. sells Cabinet Sanchez t-shirts.

The concept of the site is more amusing than it might seem at first, aided by the ridiculous innuendos and gratuitous misspellings (most likely to evade spam filtration) within many spam subject lines. "Make Your C*ck A Hammer" depicts the unfortunate fate of the gentleman who took the line a bit too literally for his own good, whilst "Extreme Streching Ramming Pounding Penetration" depicts somebody excavating earwax from his ear. "MARRY CHRISTMAS" is a man proposing to a Christmas tree, and "Its a total invasion of privacy!" depicts a "Toothbrush Cam".

Spamusement is a wonderful laugh at how ridiculous the subject lines for most spam email is. The end result varies in quality, but it is worth the time to read the entire archive of past comics; it is as funny as it sounds.

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