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Hello there. I go by Kistaro Windrider, which makes more sense when considered in light of my Otherkin spiritual beliefs. I'm a dragon, y'see. Sorry, it really can't be helped. I won't make an issue out of it if you don't, but I figure it needed to be said.

I graduated Washington University in St. Louis in May of 2007 with a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Science. It should, more properly, be a degree in Computer Science, except that would have required more general science classes and given me fewer opportunities to focus on my strengths. I graduated cum laude by a fraction of a point, mostly by the grace of the Dean changing the definition of honors downwards because not enough people were getting them otherwise that semester. I have since been hired (straight out of college) by the Evil Empire, which will be the focus of a few of my writeups.

Although I'm a CS major, I seem to have a flair for and intrest in philosophy in general, which, just like everything else, seems to tie nicely into my first paragraph. Among my more annoying talents is the ability and tendency to argue several sides of an issue, without actually being sure what I agree with. I also have the annoying habit of being excessively logical, which goes nicely with the second paragraph. Also the fourth, which you possibly haven't read yet. (Relax. It's coming up.) The upshot to this is that I tend to argue logically, and be swayed by logical arguments. Of course, I'm fully aware that with enough logic, you can prove anything. This adds greatly to the fun

I have Asperger's syndrome. The upshot to this is that I'm unable to read facial expresions, I tend to speak in five-page essays, I tend to overload in situations with too many people, and I usually sound like I've swallowed a textbook whenever talking about any subject that I've got enough knowledge about.

Lest you worry too much about my gender, I suppose I should clear it up now that I'm androgynous. I prefer gender-neutral pronouns when being referred to. This does not mean that I don't have a libido- merely that I do not have a gender identity of any form whatsoever and am quite uncomfortable with being expected to act a certain way because of what is dangling, or not, between my legs. Given that, it should be no surprise that I am completely bisexual. If you would like to know what physical sex I actually am, and it is not because you want to flirt with me but are not yourself bisexual, please insert your head fully into your rectum, take a deep breath, and then shut up about it. Really, it makes things much easier that way, because my gender doesn't matter to you.

Unpleasantries aside, I suspect anybody who's read this far might as well know about my LiveJournal; my username there is "kistaro". My journal can be reached directly at in case you didn't figure it out already.

I went in extended hibernation away from Everything2 for a while because I got sidetracked by trying to get the hang of this whole "living outside of college" thing. In the meantime, I've accumulated a queue of nodes to write, and am tracking them all in everNote, my note organizer of choice. I'll dump the list on my homenode soon. I intend to end my hiatus.

I do expect to find a bunch of interesting people and nodes around these parts! See y'all around!