Does your hollandaise always curdle? Are you hopeless with a double boiler? Never fear, you don't need to resort to those insipid hollandaise mixes, you just need this recipe for blender hollandaise. It's a little paler and a little less flavourful than the recipe above, but it still tastes great and it doesn't take eight tries to get it right. It is virtually impossible to ruin. (Even I, who once burned jello, have not managed to ruin a batch of blender hollandaise.)


-1/2 cup (125 mL) butter
-3 egg yolks
-2-3 T (30-45mL) lemon juice
-pinch of salt, pinch of cayenne pepper
-1 T (15-20mL) boiling water


1. Melt the butter in a frying pan on low heat. Heat it until it's bubbling, but don't brown it.

2. If you're using a glass blender, heat it up by putting in a tablespoon or two of boiling water and running the motor for a few seconds. If you're using a hand blender, don't worry about it as long as your bowl isn't colder than room temperature.

3. Put the 3 egg yolks, lemon juice, salt, and pepper in the blender or bowl. Blend for a few seconds. Now, very slowly at first, pour the hot melted butter in while running the blender on a low setting so it doesn't spray everywhere. Keep the blender running for about 10 seconds after all the butter is in. Tada! You should now have a yummy batch of hollandaise. If it doesn't seem consistent, you might not have cooked it enough - you can usually fix this by melting another tablespoon of butter and blending it in.

Important note! While this recipe doubles or triples easily, don't try to halve it. If you make less than 3 eggs worth, your butter won't have enough heat to cook the egg yolks fully. If you can't eat the whole cup of hollandaise in one sitting, you can freeze the unused portion and warm it up later.

I thank The Joy of Cooking, from whom I adapted this recipe.