In J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, Gilraen, also called Gilraen the fair, was the mother of Aragorn.

Gilraen was the daughter of Dirhael and Ivorwen. When she told her parents of her desire to wed Arathorn II, her father was against it - she was younger than the normal marriage age, and he feared Arathorn would come all to soon to the chieftainship of the Dunedain, and that he would die an early death, both of which proved to be true. Her mother, Ivorwen, however had the gift of foresight of her people, and bid Gilraen marry anyway, for the Dunedain had urgent need of hope.

She bore Arathorn a son, Aragorn II, but Arathorn died when Aragorn was only a year old. Gilraen took Aragorn to live at Rivendell, and gave him the name Estel, meaning Hope, as she knew that Sauron was searching to find any heir of Isildur. (which Aragorn was.) Estel grew up there among Elrond's sons, found the love of Arwen Undomiel, and at 21 was given the name of Aragorn again by Elrond, as he had come to manhood. He travelled about in the wild for many years, becoming the friend of Gandalf and doing many valourous deeds.

Before the part he played in the War of the Rings, however, Gilraen died. When he saw her before her death, he pleaded with her to hang on, saying that if there might be some peaceful, happy time when all the turmoil had passed, he wished that she might see it. But she died anyhow, saying "I have given Hope to the Dunedain; I have kept none for myself.", and so never saw the downfall of Sauron or her son's rise to the throne of Gondor and Arnor as King Elessar.