"...He made an album called 'Animal Rights' -- he's not about wearing fur. He shaves his head; he doesn't even like his own fur!"

CmdrTaco on Moby, from Geeks in Space

Over the years of his career, Moby has gotten the rap of being a "Straight Edger" or a "God Boy", but in an interview with Liam Mayclem of TechTV's AudioFile, he has a few points to say on that front:

You're also a Christian and a vegan?

Uhm, not really. For some reason over the last couple of years, or maybe the last nine years since I started making records I've gotten all these cliches that follow me around. That I'm a Christian, non drug-taking, non-drinking -- all these cliches and some of them are sort of half-true but some of them are completely un-true. Like there is the reputation that I don't drink and that I'm some sort of monastic ascetic. I love to drink, I like to be out in the world, I like to have sex, I like to do the things that most normal people like to do.

I think Moby is an amazing artist and has a musical talent in his field that rivals most other composers and artists.. but I'm really glad it's in the techno/ambient world because punk and him don't mix very well (but that's simply my opinion).

In watching the interview from TechTV, one quickly gets the feeling that he's uncomfortable with attention and maybe even fame. He pulls the hood of his pullover tightly over his head and looks around suspiciously almost like he's trying to hide from everyone but the one he's talking with, like he feels unworthy of the accolades and attention he garners.

But from what I know of the way his administers his music it's obvious he's not some pie in the sky flighty composer. He has sold the promotional rights a to most of his later works, but sold them selectivly for companies and products that he would support and as suck serve as a vehicle of extended the exposure of his work.