Homer was also the name of a rather poor IRC client program for the Macintosh. It was developed in the late 1980s, I believe, and was popular (simply because it had no competition) up until about 1994 or so. Around that time, Ircle began to supersede it in terms of stability and ease of use (and lack of annoying sound effects...kind of). Homer was apparently named for Homer Simpson, and it had some loud, obnoxious Simpsons soundbite to prove it when you launched the application. It also initiated rather useless and annoying features like FACE files, CTCP SOUND, and so on.

The author basically abandoned the product when it lost popularity (although he was still happy to take your registration fee). A freeware version of Homer was released in 2001 under the GNU GPL. I guess this is to encourage developers or something, but it looks like the Sourceforge project is pretty dead too. OpenHomer, as it was called, has some TCL scripting power.

Of course, the only thing Homer is really remembered for is its colorful intro message that pops up right before it tries to connect to the server:

### That was cool huh huh
### When we killed that frog huh huh
### It won't croak again.