It's been an interesting month thus far. I've purchased a new motorcycle (Yamaha V-Star Classic 650, for those interested) to replace the bicycle that was, according to various doctor-type people, causing extreme trouble with my joints (specifically my elbows and hips). I've worked the Bingo hall for my church twice, given away over $15,000 to old women with tiny squares of paper covered in multicoloured dots. And I've apparently been the go-to guy to take care of house cleaning in the nodegel.

Through it all, I've kept my job at 40 hours a week, kept my schooling and homework under 20 hours a week, and kept my writing at a... well, a bare minimum, unfortunately. I'm hoping to get out a few writeups sometime soon. Let's not hold our collective breath just yet.

In the meantime, my goal is to continue listing my nukes here, to remain accountable. Very few have been chosen by me. The vast majority were chosen by the writers themselves. So, if you have a problem with one of them, chances are good that you should contact the author, not me. I'm just the messenger.