Hans arrives in a cartoon car, wearing shiny hot pants. We are supposed to go to a flea market. I go to get my husband, but find him asleep in bed, with my mother. He tells me he is too tired and does not want to go any more while I search my mother’s closet for some clothes for him. Her closet is jam packed with blankets, her only outfit is hanging on the wall, individual clips for her shirt and each sock.

I am sitting in a large room, in Mexico. There are people giving away free stuff; shirts, strange little glow-in-the-dark hands and feet…There is a woman next to me wearing clownish make-up, but the give-away man keeps calling her “Sir”.

I am hungry and try to find something to eat. There is strudel for $22 bucks apiece, a slice of bread is $10. Far off in the back I find cookies-n-cream Hershey bars for a quarter a piece, but I distrust them.

A girl comes up and asks me if I think it’s weird that she poops everyday at 10:00pm, while she is at the bar. I tell her I always go at the same time, every day, it isn’t strange. She does not believe me. “I think it isn’t normal. I think there is something wrong with me,” she says.

People congregate towards the door. We are all looking for the Mexican sunset, though it is the middle of the day. Revelers crowd the streets. I am drunk. I freak out because I can not find Hans and am afraid I will never get home.

I run between two apartment buildings and bump into a man. He is shoveling. I take his shovel and run at him with it. I am so mad I can feel the strain in my neck muscles. He pushes me, falls on me. We weep together. I look down and see that I have a man chest – hairy, muscular. The stranger and I cry on each other for a long time, limbs entertained.

When I get home Jay is waiting on the porch. He wants to know if I got him any rubber creatures.

“No” I tell him. “The only one I saw was not very cool.”

He demands more information. I tell him it was blue, with three toes and a spiky head. He wants to know how many spikes.