She was still trying to preserve her dignity when the bailiffs arrived. ‘How do you take your tea?’ she asked. ‘We don’t take tea’ they replied. She didn’t think it was very funny. The bailiffs thought it was hilarious.

They took everything else, dog included, who was sleeping in his basket at the time. She watched his sleeping body being transported into a car she’d never seen knowing that he wasn’t coming back. She lost a couple of tears but nothing more.

She hoped that this was the end of her debts. After having already lost her dog she didn’t want to wake up and find her house was missing.

She woke up and found her house was missing. More specifically, the doors were missing. And her windows were missing. There were a few more holes in her house than she was completely comfortable with. She’d always thought that the wind messed up her hair and this just put more weight behind the idea.

All she could do now was to take in the view and go to bed and hope that they didn’t try and collect any more debts.

When she woke up the next day she realised they had taken her heart and liver while she was sleeping. This came as a bit of a shock. She didn’t get over it.

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