I'm friends with the monster
That's under my bed
Get along with the voices inside of my head
You're trying to save me ? stop holding your breath...*

Are you curious?

I bet you are, you want to know what's in this-- these notebooks. Well, they are just words on a piece of paper. I mean, it could be an instruction, or it could be a warning. There are sooo0 many voices- the one I can hear inside my head, the person next to me on the bus- on the radio (that one person who speaks to me in code). So many voices. Multiple choice voices.

I start the day with a list. Ok, Yes, there is more than one, but the first list is a list of lists, if you will. If you must, if you insist. You are insisting, aren't you? You are requiring that I give you a full accounting, and well- that's ok.

See, I keep good records. So I can tell you what they said, those people on the radio- and that crazy lady in line next to me at the Grocery. At the Sav-a-lot.

That's code too you know, Save- A - Lot. We know what that means, right? Yep, exactly.

So, anyway, this lady, she was pretending to talk to someone on her cellphone, but I know an inside job when I hear it. She was wired. It was a setup.

You know and I know how it is. How it really is.

Am I right? Don't say anything out loud- just nod your head or put your fingers to your lips. Yep, I got it. Keep it between ourselves. On the DL. Our little secret. 'k? Yes, walk away, that's perfect, that way the hidden cameras won't see anything unusual. See you around, ok, the circle, coming back, complete. Exactly.

Exact. Lee.



* Rihanna = Voices in my head -



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