Recovering. That word has never made more sense. Spent the weekend selling roses, meeting people and starting the new job, which rocks by the way, I only wish they had more hours to give me. I came home, well, to the Rose Lady's home mostly, with five phone numbers in my pocket. Took a government test and I'm friggin' tired. Met a taurus who I am very fascinated with and hope to see again. The air crackled when I shook his hand. But let's be serious people, I know why I'm attracted to him. He's damn near the spitting image of my 'guy up north'. I guess I finally have an ideal when it comes to whom I am attracted to. He's actually taller than me, dark hair, sharp facial features, girl's mouth, nice lanky body. Smoker, that's a necessity. Driving a Camry. Not that I give a damn about cars, I just think it's very ironic, that's all. But it's what comes out of his mouth that grabbed at me the most. Yeah, I've been spoiled, I won't boink stupid people anymore. I'll be damned....I woke up today with standards! Anyway, that was Saturday night, and he had to leave fairly quickly to pick up his friend from a gay porn shop. He blushingly admitted to me that he had never had a close gay friend before, and that he wasn't gay, but he was glad to find out he was honostly a very open minded person. He got points for that. I was completely upfront with him and told him I wanted to see him again. He called Sunday morning. But I leave for up north in about a week. Hey! I always have room for more geek friends.

And everyone and my mother is calling me. Everytime I check my service, I have at least four peope to call back. I was not expecting this juggling act two weeks ago. Then I was lonely, now I'm fighting for moments to be alone with myself. And I am getting distinctly put out with all seven of my siblings and my mother. They all need to come to a compromise about some property and talk with my father, but none of them will show up because they don't want to deal with Mom. I think it's juevenile, and even more ridiculous that they can't face their differences even though they are eons older than me. I'm getting tired of cowardice and people not taking responsibility for their actions. Myself included. But I'm the one who spends every other weekend with my father It's not easy to watch such a strong man deteriorate, I admit, but all the more reason to face the situation head on. Self-centered dick spickets.

Not that I should really be complaining all that much. I get what I ask for. Oh, one more interesting detail of this weekend. The Rose Lady's ex-girlfriend has the same given name as me, and something about having me around all weekend really got her to delve back into her brokenheartness. I have a somewhat unusual name, and it triggered her. So I've barely slept for four days after listening to her tale of woe. I'm flattered she chose me to talk to about this, but it's very disconcerting to hear your name, that is rarely on anyone's lips, put down so many different ways. I'm glad I have so many pseudonyms. Okay, gotta run now.....I think I'll call the taurus back before I go to class.