By this time tomorrow,(it's 11:22 AM), I should just be about out of North Carolina. Taking I-4, then hopping right up 95. I will make beer night. Looking for hedgehogs, don't know why I didn't think of them as a gift before...don't know if I'll have enough time....and what exactly does one do with a hedgehog once one owns one. Wait. Don't answer that. I don't REALLY want to know.

Amazing weekend. Got to spend time with the taurus. Got to spend a whole Saturday cracked out on sleep-dep with him actually. WOW. He's crazier than my guy up north and my angel put together. But so interesting. Amazing pianist. Well-spoken, creativity coming through his pores. Techie. Of course. I put off calling him all week because, well, I made the first move. He had lost my number and called my friend 8! times. So I finally called him late Friday night. We met at the Ybor Diner. 4:00 in the mornin'. HE's so handsome.....I've never seen cheekbones that sharp on a real live person before, as opposed to say anime. Apparently he used to do the old BBS schtuff.....but computing bores him????? Anyway, he's a good guy, and something to think about, but not now. I'm meeting up with the guy who will always have my heart tomorrow. Wish me luck, this one's highly volatile and extremely difficult to read. I think this trip will be the deciding factor of whether or not we can work things out in this lifetime. Wish me luck, I don't want to wait through my next reincarnation for us to finally fit together. So, I have faith of some sort.

Two tests today before I leave. Can't find my cat, he's supposed to be going with me....that's perturbing. I'm so excited about the trip, I can't think straight. But I'll have over 15 hours to do that tomorrow. I just have to keep telling myself I like making that drive by myself! Okay, fingers crossed everyone. I got cats to pack.