Jivin' Jesus in Go-Go Boots!

I was a vegetarian for three years. I know the wonders of soy and tofu, but this breakfast misfit in front of me has got to be an abomintation to even the healthfood gurus.

Morningstar breakfast sammich, or words to that affect. "Meat-like protein pattie". Meat-like, my ass! If I had originally wanted meat, I would have eaten cow, plain and simple. I'm expecting nuts, twigs and berries. And for all you gluton-fairies out there...this thing's packed with the stuff. And egg whites, ugh! The humanity! That means that only Beady-Eyed Vegetarians could consume this stuff. And a bun as tough as a nylon bookbag.....

Can you tell I'm visiting my mom's? Full of weird veggie cheese and stuffs that you might almost call food at first glance. I remember when I moved back to this area...god, this feels like forever ago, like two years ago. Yep, that's about right, and as soon as we walked through the side door we were greeted with hotdogs! Smothered in cheap yellow mustard....though I prefer just ketchup and relish on mine, thanks so much.

But I digress, I was supposed to be doing something more productive today than bitching about breakfast. Oh yeah...I got to go get my lisense back. Heh.