A small hotel/casino on the Las Vegas strip, directly attached to a Denny's restaurant. The casino offers one of the few dollar Craps games in the city (and the strip), with exceptional 100x odds on the game (yielding a theoretical 0.021% house edge for anyone who can afford betting $101 per round).

It offers $1 Margaritas, penny slots, and other low-minimum games in addition to Craps for cheapskates. Its slot club frequently offers double and triple point promotions.

Apart from these fairly unique attempts to entice people to spend money at their tables, and the by-name reference to the (in)famous book by Ian Fleming, the casino is unremarkable. Its slot club rewards only non-local players; any local who signs up is told they will not receive any funbooks or coupons, no freebies, and is unlikely to receive any promotional mailings from the casino. Its cocktail waitresses are a bit on the old side, and don't wear very impressive outfits anyway. They are all universally slow, no matter how much you're gambling, or how fast.

Odds calculation provided by http://www.thewizardofodds.com/; all the rest from experience.